Primary Flow Elements still make up the majority of flow measurement instruments found in process control and monitoring in industrial and commercial applications.  idSolutions designs and builds primary flow elements for many difficult applications throughout industry.  This page is dedicated to describing some of the typical applications for the various styles of elements, as well as describing some of the particular applications idSolutions has solved through innovative design.  

Oil and Gas  - Low flows coupled with high viscosities mean low pipe Reynolds Numbers (Rd) on many up-stream flow applications found in the oil fields around the globe.  idFlow’s Nistar 2000 Wedge Meter with integrated remote seals and DP Transmitter is available with reduced bore sizes allowing for accurate measurement by extending the range of the already very stable Discharge Coefficient by raising the Reynolds Number within the wedge Meter.

Power  - Accurate and repeatable flow measurement of feed water flow rates are critical in the power industry.  High flow rates combined with elevated pressures and temperatures can damage many technologies otherwise suited for water flow applications.  idFlow Nozzles are designed to withstand the erosive forces of high velocity flow while adhering to ASME and ISO standards that predict accurate discharge coefficients over a wide range of Reynolds Numbers.  For stable geometry, predictable performance, and available alloys standard for the power industry, chose idFow.